Friday, May 27, 2011

Don't be silly

So I am gradually getting used to the whole motherhood/maternity leave thing. I am, by nature a control freak so of course the minute MM arrived I wanted to put a "routine" in place. Oh that word "routine". It sounds so ordinary yet magical to a newly baked mother. "Oh she'll be in a routine before you know", one hears from many wise heads. It involves of course being able to predict when ones baby will wake up, how much it will eat, how long it will sleep etc. I am, as I write still waiting for that routine to fall into place. Some days she will wake up every two hours, today she is sleeping "too much", according my own routine of course, and there we have it, I want her to comply to my routine I suppose. I would like her to wake up half an hour after the dinner is ready, not on the dot the plates are on the table. We are convinced that the minute the fan over the cooker is switched off singnalling the end of the cooking process, MM gets her cue and demands to be fed as well. It's understandable of course, why shouldn't she be included. I have a feeling our little person will be a determined young one, but sure I wouldn't have it any other way I suppose. She is too young and innocent to submit to the mondanaeity of a routine, she likes the excitement of the spontaneous awaking. Catch them off guard is her motto as her parents watch on the side lines realising they have lost their beloved control on the life they once had. How wonderful it's going to be!

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  1. So happy to see ya in Blog land! She sounds like a great character alright, I look forward to reading more of her adventures and how the wise parents deal with them in the future!